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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

WWE December Shedule

Its all confusing to some and not 100% confirmed but here is what WWE sheduled for December Month Look like.

  • Sunday December 16th TLC brooklyns NY
  •  Monday december 17th Live Raw from Philadelphia PA.
  • Tuesday December 18th live Super Smackdown and Raw tapings from Pitts burg PA
  • Wednesday December 19th taped Main Event and taped tribute to the troops.
  • Wednesday December 19th Double Smackdown and Main event tapings from Rochester NY
  • Friday December 21st Taped Super Smackdown Replay.
  • Monday December 24th taped Raw from the 12/18 Pittsburg tapings .
  • Wednesday December 26th taped Main Event from 12/19 Rochester Tapings.
  • Friday December 28th taped Smackdown from 12/19 Rochester Tapings
  • Saturday December 29th Raw Taping from Washington D.C
  • Monday december 31st Taped Raw from 12/19 DC tapings